The Maintenance Run, Wide Version

Print of my older artwork "The Maintenance Run", that is one of the all time favorites.

These are third party prints produced by ArtStation. I am not responsible for print and build quality, transport and delivery. However: the source files are of the highest quality available.

Contact me for custom made, hand signed prints I make and ship myself, which can be highly customized and dedicated to you and yours. This way you will support me more significantly and back my artistic independence!

Thank you for expressing interest!

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About ArtStation Canvas Prints

We know how important quality is for artists who want gallery-ready canvas prints. That’s why our canvases use premium materials and are professionally crafted to ensure we deliver beautiful, high quality artwork that is ready to hang.

  • Printed on high-quality artist stock
  • Professionally stretched and wrapped around wood fiberboard
  • Artist-grade, OBA-free inks designed to withstand the test of time without fading
  • Customizable edge wrap style
  • Durable frames - 1.25" thick
  • Hanging hooks included