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eXpressure FREE is a sampler of my set of brushes for Clip Studio Paint, made with the goal of using stylus tilt and pressure to achieve maximum versatility and immersion, in a traditional-like manner. I feel like I have made a set of brushes that's very fun to paint with and I hope you will like it as much as I do.

This brushset is oriented toward sketching on small to medium canvas sizes, heavy texture and making loose artwork.

These selected brushes are a small sample of this set, you can see them in action in the previews. As the full set gets bigger I will add to it. If you want to get the full experience, incoming updates and additions, I recommend getting the full set for $5!

Most of the brushes have some properties bound to tilt and the most dynamic and beautiful strokes can be made with a flick of the wrist and attention to tilt and pressure.

IMPORTANT: if your stylus doesn't support tilt, you can still DL the free version and try it, but some brush properties won't work!

Release Notes

The free version of my eXpressure brush pack for Clip Studio Paint got updated! Now with several new or refreshed brushes for you to test out the set and buy the full one if you're happy with them.

Important: You need stylus tilt for the full experience!

Thank you for downloading!

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