A Harvest of Clouds
A Harvest of Clouds

"A Harvest of Clouds", personal work, 2023.
Prints best available on demand via http://www.zhillustrator.com/contact

This is "A Harvest of Clouds", a very summer-ish painting, inspired by vistas and landscapes in my region, where wheat, corn and sunflower fields surround most big highways and roads during the summer, painting the view in gold and green. As you maybe know, I have been working on this painting for quite a time now, and I think it is time to publish it.

It's one of the brightest and cheeriest paintings I made in a longer while, sporting bold and saturated colors, and I hope you will share in the joy of it and support me by sharing it online in your spaces. I have been having a very bad year, but my hope can't be quelled.

It was painted using Clip Studio Paint and my own #eXpressure brushes you can download if you're a patron at the $5 level on https://www.patreon.com/zhillustrator.

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